How to create an ecommerce that works

Many people who decide to create an online store as a method to increase your income or as a means of self-employment. But before you start selling, you need to clear some points. Indeed, the previous process should be as or more important than the sale itself. Only in this way will achieve success when we decide to create an ecommerce.

Although it seems obvious, the first thing to think about is what will sell who will be our target audience? Where you are and where we are going to look?

Also we know our competition, investigation, and see where we differ. Make a business plan and a feasibility plan to include a SWOT analysis (strengths and weaknesses of our brand over other) as realistic as possible will help us launch the ecommerce and achieve survival beyond a few months .

When we know our audience and our expertise, we can decide what kind of company we create. If it is an individual business (standalone) or whether we should take any other legal form (SL, SA, Community Property, Cooperative ...). Different administrations have windows support to entrepreneurs who can advise on these matters.

We also need to interview with financial institutions to decide what forms of payment that will offer and transport companies to know what the shipping charges that we apply to our products will be.

Shaping our online store is one of the last issues to be resolved before starting to sell. So we can choose a custom schedule (at great cost) or by using a platform like Ebasnet ecommerce.

Decide, and at this point, colors, presentations and other aesthetic features and this will be the last step before launching the venture.

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