SMS seems that tends to disappear, but:

Did you know that SMS marketing campaign usually gives a better result than email marketing campaign?

  • Yep, the SMS tends to have a higher rate of reading, around 90%.
  • How many newsletters to receive daily deals? and SMS?
  • Almost everyone carries a mobile above and to receive SMS most reads.
  • They usually have a higher response rate to 25% and therefore if the message is appropriate can reach a higher purchase rate by 25% compared to a newsletter.
  • Short and concise, SMS likes more.
  • Create a landing page for your SMS marketing campaign, enter the URL in your SMS and expects to see results

For these and other reasons, the use of SMS is a perfect complement to reach your customers with offers, news and many other actions you can perform on your ecommerce.

We have different ecommerce marketing SMS Packs, choose yours and make a test, the answer may surprise you and outcomes.