Tired of your current online store?

If the answer is yes, let us help you migrate your online store to our Ebasnet platform, Ebasnet ecommerce can be one of many options available.

Why Migrate to Ebasnet eCommerce online store?

There are many answers, but the most valued customers are:

► A responsive ecommerce.

► No longer will I have to be doing constant security updates.

► I have a technical support that will resolve my doubts and any problems that arise.

► When migrating my online store to Ebasnet ecommerce, I'll be able to manage my Blog, my Shop, my Newsletter and my App (Android & iOS) from a single management panel.

Who will migrate all the data from my online store?

Our technical support team and developers perform all tasks to import all data possibles.

What do they need and how long it will take to migrate my online store?

The time may vary according to the imported data and its current online shop. We need to have access to the database of your store, your control panel and the same files (images).

Once you have done an analysis of the platform you use your store, and perform various test data import, and we can start working and migrating your store to Ebasnet eCommerce.

What costs will have these tasks to migrate my online store?

The cost of the tasks of migrating their data Ebasnet will depend largely on its current eCommerce platform and data import. The most common is to migrate customer data , categories, products and orders.

Some projects also require more " complicated " issues , we talk about maintaining the structure of the URLS to keep the SEO positioning possible , to do this we must analyze their URLs and create different patterns or " slugs " to understand these new store old URLs and redirects properly.

Our technicians carry out an economic analysis and pre- proposal at no cost.





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