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Do you need to manage your reports?

At Ebasnet, we offer Whistleblowing, our own module that allows you to create and manage reports easily and efficiently.

What is Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing is the new module for the Reporting Channel. According to Law 2/2023, companies with a team of 50 or more people or those funded in part or in whole with public funds are required to adhere to this new law.

How does the Reporting Channel work?

Ebasnet simplifies the integration of this new module into your website so that you can have access to an efficient and practical Reporting Channel that complies with the law.

You will be able to establish the types of reports, add or modify them. Our module is fully customizable, and we are constantly updating it.

The complainant will enter their information and the type of report they want to make in the form provided by the module. The complainant can choose to remain anonymous and/or check the reports they have submitted previously.
This module provides a dashboard where administrators can manage the received reports.
Types of complaints/communications

What types of reports/communications does WhistleBlowing handle? (by default)

1 Anticompetitive practices
2 Privacy breaches or the use of privileged or confidential information
3 Behaviors related to potential fraud
4 Corruption and improper payments
5 Environment
6 Public safety and health
7 Conflicts of interest
8 Money laundering and terrorism financing
9 Political activities and donations
10 Relationships with clients or suppliers
11 Respect for human rights
12 Workplace harassment, sexual or discriminatory acts
13 Others
Please specify below if you want to add, modify, or remove any of the types of reports from the previous list.
Specify the administrators here
Following the provided pattern, here is an example of entering data for an administrator responsible for the channel.
Name and surname, DNI, Email, Mobile, Type of complaint you manage (check the list above)
Example: Eduardo Fernandez Pascual, 123456789A, eduardo@dispromedia.com, 973973973, 2,4,5
Name and Surname, DNI, Email, Mobile, Type or types of complaints managed.

Important points if you have a Whistleblower Channel - Oficina Antifrau de Catalunya

Frequently Asked Questions about Law 2/2023 regulating the protection of persons who report regulatory infringements and the fight against corruption.

Obligations to be fulfilled once the new law requiring a Whistleblower Channel enters into force.

On 01-12-2023 it became mandatory for companies with 50 or more people to have an internal whistleblowing channel that allows anonymous or non-anonymous whistleblowing.
The penalties for not having such a channel or for it not being anonymous can range from €100,001 to €1,000,000. More information about the respective sanctions and infringements can be found in the Spanish Official Gazette (B.O.E.):

BOE Artículo 65. Sanciones
BOE Artículo 63. Infracciones
It is very important and mandatory to notify the Anti-Fraud Office of the appointment and dismissal of the persons responsible for the Whistleblowing channel of your company or entity. Here are the steps to follow and the corresponding forms to notify the Oficina Antifrau de Catalunya.