New wave of emails with links to websites that automatically download virus

ATTENTION ALERT: New wave of emails with links to websites with #ransomware automatic download of virus.

Such emails often impersonate different trusted identities, including one's own, thus the recipient of the email is usually lower their guard and access the link and automatically become infected.

This type of virus appears that can affect different operating systems (Windows, Linux and Mac), so that no user is safe.

Keep your antivirus systems protection updated, and if you are affected, turn off your system immediately, as some protection systems only detect this type of threat when the operating system is restarting, so then can block and stop encryption.

Remember that according to the variant of this type of threat, is distributed throughout the network, and therefore can encrypt and affect all systems of the company and all types of network folders, even Dropbox folder type.

"No one is safe so do not be fooled"

The ransomware virus (English rescue and ransom ware) is a type of malicious software that restricts access to certain parts or infected system files, and ask for a ransom to remove this restriction. Some types of ransomware encrypt the operating system files and disabling the device coercing the user to pay the ransom ...
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