Recurring Payments is Ebasnet's new feature designed for customers who make the same recurring purchase, whether it's a digital or physical product. This option can also be used to split the payment of a certain amount of a product, that is, to finance the payment of a certain amount, for example, in different monthly installments.

This module allows you to determine certain products as subscriptions so that the corresponding order is automatically placed and payment is made periodically on the set date.

The advantage of this module is that the online store does not store the bank details of the customers who subscribe, but saves a token that allows the bank's platform to associate a specific customer with their bank card and therefore allows make a payment or transaction automatically without the customer having to intervene again (the customer only needs to enter their card number on the first purchase). To further automate this purchase process, the Redsys 1-Click Payment option can be activated.  
The customer will receive an email notification a few days before a new fee is charged and, of course, can unsubscribe at any time. To activate this option you need to do it from "Advanced settings" - "Modules" - "Recurring Payments"

Once activated, you can select which products in the catalog you want to give the option of recurring payments. Catalog - Products - Edit Product - Recurring Payments tab (see image below).

Once in this tab when editing the product, we have to put YES in the first field to activate it. In the second and third fields we enter the frequency and the unit of frequency of the payment, for example, a 1 in the frequency and months in the unit if we want a monthly subscription. If we want to make a payment every 12 days, we will enter a 12 in the frequency and days in the unit.

The fourth field is used to determine the total payments or subscriptions for the edited product.
In the first example above, if we want 12 monthly installments, in this fourth field we will enter the value 12. For the second case, if we want 6 installments every 12 days, in this fourth field we will enter a 6.

In addition, by receiving email notifications from both the administrator and the customers themselves about subscriptions that expire, the online store manager can have control over the customers who have subscribed to a product. through the “Payments” - “Recurring Payments” section, where a list will appear with the name of each customer, the day each subscription will be executed, the product to which it has been subscribed, and a series of variables that will allow you to monitor the status of each subscription.

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