Until now, when we had a product with combinations, there was only one way to display them, in a drop-down list format.

From now on we can choose between two viewing modes. We have added a parameter that allows you to display the combinations as a drop-down, which is the current default option, or table option, which is the new option added.

To change the way to visualize it we should go to “Parameters -> Store Settings -> Product Tab”. Once inside, at the bottom of the page, we will see this new parameter which is called “Combination display mode” with two options to choose: “Select” (drop-down list, by default) and “Table” (view in table).

The “Select” is the option that is set by default and refers to the view as a drop-down list and the “Table” is the new added view which shows you all the combinations in table form above the box product description.

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