Ebasnet system has incorporated a new functionality for online shops called Loadbee. The objective of this new module is to improve the product cards, providing supplementary information to the customer.  

This platform has a database with information of specific products of different brands. Retailers who sell one of the products that Loadbee has in his database, can hire the service and obtain additional information to add to the product description. This will be placed under the description posted by webmasters. As you can see in this picture: 

In order to use Loadbee, you need to contract the service and then set it up. Once you have configured it, you will receive an Api key from Loadbee. That key is the code that you will have to introduce in the corresponding module in your web with Ebasnet. 

The Loadbee system uses the EAN code of the products of our ecommerce in order to link it with the information corresponding to its database. This synchronization process is carried out automatically and transparently for users and administrators of the online store with Ebasnet.  

This service allows to improve the content of the webpage and the information of the products of our online catalogue, making our customers more informed and also making purchasing decisions easier. 

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