Ebasnet Clients https://ebasnet.com/en/b/ebasnet-clients/rss/2-ebasnet-clients Wed, 01 Apr 2020 07:23:38 +0200 <![CDATA[General products sorting by date of creation]]> Ebasnet incorporates a new specific function for online stores, from which the products can now be sorted by product creation date in ascending or descending direction.

This feature can be configured in Parameters > Store Parameters > Product Listing tab > Sort by field. Check the option you want and save the changes.
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The new features consist of showing the VAT column, percentage of discount, the amount of the discount, the offer percentage and the amount of the offer.

In order to activate these parameters, first access to ADVANCED PARAMETERS, and within the sub-menu, to INVOICE PARAMETERS. Once inside, there are two tabs, Counter and View, and in this case we will access the View. Here are all the new functions related to the invoice view. We can activate or deactivate the different options available in order to achieve the desired invoice format and, once done, we will save the changes.

These functions are also included within ORDER PARAMETERS using the same method of use as discussed above but, in this case, the changes are relative to the order view.

With these new features, we can customize and improve the invoices and orders of our customers and their ecommerces.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.]]>
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<![CDATA[NEW LIVE CHAT]]> The Ebasnet system has incorporated a new feature for online stores called Oct8ne. The main objective of this new module is to allow e-commerce companies to help their customers find and buy the most appropriate product or article in each case.

Oct8ne offers this type of help through a real-time chat between commerce and client, in which you can upload images, videos and other files to facilitate the search of the perfect product.  
In order to use the Oct8ne service, it is necessary to hire it and then configure it according to your online store. Once hired and configured, we will obtain a license code to enter it in our manager and thus be able to use the module.

This new module allows you to offer a more comfortable and close experience to your customers, thus achieving a positive stimulus when shopping in electronic stores.
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<![CDATA[Integrate Google Analytics into Online Store or Website]]> *****Pending to translate******
Para integrar el código de seguimiento de Google Analytics en tu tienda online Ebasnet sigue estos pasos:
  1. Crea una cuenta de Google Analytics con una cuenta de Google (Gmail), previamente creada, te recomendamos que utilices siempre la misma cuenta de Google (preferiblemente bajo el dominio @gmail.com).
  2. Una vez creada, te aparecerá un código (ID de seguimiento) que suele ser: UA-xxxxx-x
  3. Cópia o anota este ID.
  4. Accede a tu panel de gestión de tu tienda online Ebasnet.
  5. Mediante el menú lateral izquierdo accede a: Parámetros Avanzados>Servicios Google
  6. Accede a la pestaña “Analytics” y en el campo “Analytics Tracking Code” pega o introduce el ID que Google Analytics te ha proporcionado en el paso 2.
  7. Guarda los cambios mediante el botón verde que encontraras en la parte superior derecha.

Opcional (pestaña “Analytics” en tu panel Ebasnet):
  • Si en tu panel de “Google Analytics>Configuración de la propiedad>Analítica en página” has activado el parámetro de “Utilizar la atribución de enlace mejorada”, recuerda dejar activada la opción “Analytics Enhanced Link Attribution” a SI.
  • Si tu página web es una tienda online, te recomendamos dejar activada la opción “Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce?” a SI.
  • Recuerda activar este parámetro en tu panel de Google Analytics en el apartado de administración a nivel de “Vista>Configuración del comercio electrónico”, una vez dentro activa el parámetro “habilitar el comercio electrónico” y también activa el parámetro “Habilitar los informes del comercio electrónico mejorado”.
  • Vuelve a guardar los cambios mediante el botón verde que encontraras en la parte superior derecha.

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En pocos minutos ya podrás empezar a ver datos y estadísticas de tu web o tienda online en Google Analytics.wink

Integrar Servicios Google en Tienda Online o Web Ebasnet


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<![CDATA[Generic description of products according to category]]> Habitually, the products of the same category share some information like: characteristics, discounts, delivery information, etc. Until now, this information shared by a group of products it had to be added individually in each product, so it means a waste of time for the person who manages the online shop. 

For that reason, Ebasnet has incorporated a new function that facilitates this task to the administrators. This new feature allows you to add a generic text for all the products of the same category. In other words, an extension of the description can be created and showed in all the products of the category. 

To use this function, its necessary to go to categories of products section inside of the administrator of Ebasnet platform. As you can see in this picture, the text can be placed before or after of the lengthy description of the product.

In case that you wanted to add a common text in all the products of the catalogue, it is necessary to add a generic description in the category that include all the items in the shop. In this way, you don’t need to go product by product, adding the same information in each one of them.
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