Ebasnet Clients https://ebasnet.com/en/b/ebasnet-clients/rss/2-ebasnet-clients Sat, 01 Apr 2023 19:37:49 +0200 <![CDATA[Widget templates]]> Ebasnet has incorporated a functionality in the manager that speeds up the creation of sections and improves the internal organization of the content. It is a new column called "widget templates" where you can save custom widgets, to use them in different sections of the web. We tell you how it works!
  1. Create a new widget and customize it with the parameters you want. You can also use a widget that you already have customized.

  2. Add it to the widget template column that you will find under the available widgets column in any section of the web where widgets can be used.

  3. Once added to this column, the widget will be duplicated keeping all parameters the same.

  4. Drag the widget from the widget template column to where you want this widget to appear.

Here we show you an example:

This functionality is very useful for saving widgets that are used in different sections of the web. It should be noted that if the content is changed in one of the widgets of the template, it will not change in all the sections where it has already been added.

What is the difference between the Available Widgets column and Widget Templates?

The available widgets column is used to store widgets, and once the uses disappear from the column. However, in the Widget Templates column they can be used multiple times.

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<![CDATA[What mandatory legal texts should a website or online store have?]]> Every web project, whether it is a corporate website or an online store, has to comply with certain legal regulations, we call this information "legal texts", and these will depend on the type of web project and its services.

It is very important that these legal texts be drawn up for us by a company specialized in the matter, since failure to comply with the established minimum requirements may result in sanctions.

These companies, agencies or specialized consultancies will advise us on mandatory compliance issues such as:
  • Data Protection
  • LOPD
  • GDPR
  • LSSI
  • etc...

The minimum legal texts that our web project must have are:
  • Legal advice.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies policy.

If our web project also offers online sales services or contracting services, we should also add the following:
  • Purchase conditions.
  • Terms of use.
  • Right of withdrawal - returns.
  • Contract conditions.

It is important to add the section on Online Dispute Resolution in consumer matters in accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, which we usually find in the text of purchase conditions, with a link to the EU platform http: //ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

We can also add other recommended informative legal texts such as:
  • Payment methods available.
  • Shipping methods available.
  • Payment of orders in store (if this option of payment in physical store is valued).
  • Collection of orders in store (if this option of collection in a physical store is valued).

We strongly recommend that the owners of any web project have these texts regularly reviewed and updated, to adapt them to current and new regulations, thus avoiding possible surprises.

This information is merely informative and as a reminder to any owner of a web project, contact your company specialized in this matter to confirm which legal texts you must incorporate into your web project.
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<![CDATA[Sales units per category]]> Online stores often have products for sale that require minimum purchase units. Until now, in the Ebasnet manager, this could be applied to each product, from now on we have incorporated a new functionality that allows it to be applied to product categories as well.

How can I enable this functionality in my ecommerce?

First, go to the Catalog - Categories section and select the category you want to edit. Once in the category menu, select the "Sale" tab, and in the "minimum units" section, set the minimum number of products that customers will have to buy.

The Ebasnet manager also allows products in a category to be sold only in multiples of a number. This option can be very useful in product categories that are sold in packs. For example, if we want to sell bottles of wine, and the packs are 6, in the "units of sale" section we will have to state that the products in this category will only be sold in multiples of 6.

For more information, contact us.

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<![CDATA[Wish list]]>

The new update of Ebasnet has incorporated as a new functionality a wish list for online stores. It consists of an option similar to the shopping cart, where the customer can add different products to a list that they would like to buy later.

This function improves the customer experience, facilitating the purchase process, as it allows you to save all those products that you find interesting in a single list, and then select those you want to buy.

How can I create my wish list?
In order for the customer to be able to add products to his list, he must first register in the online store, after that, he can start adding items to the list by clicking on the heart that appears on each product.

To see the products that have been added to the wish list, the user will have to go to the section
"My account" - "My purchases" - "Wish list"

In the wish list, all the products that have been added will appear, and for each of them, the user will have the option of adding them to the shopping cart, or removing them from the list

Soon, new functionality related to product lists will be added, including the addition of wedding, christening and birthday lists. Follow our blog so you don't miss any news!

For more information, contact us.

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<![CDATA[Customizable text labels]]> The new functionality of Ebasnet that makes it possible to speed up the layout of sections within the web page.

Many times we can find that there are texts, compositions or galleries that are repeated. With the "customizable text tags" option, we can quickly add a customizable text, a composition or a gallery just by entering a tag with the identifier of the element we want to incorporate.

For example, a text that we can repeat in each product, such as: "For more information contact us"

1- We create the customizable text and add a name that we will later need for the identifier.

2- Go to the text where we want to add the label, for example the description of a product


3- We put the label {{NAME TEXT CUSTOMIZABLE}}

4.- The text will be added automatically.

You can repeat this process to add compositions or galleries.
For more information, contact us.

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