Ebasnet Clients https://ebasnet.com/en/b/ebasnet-clients/rss/2-ebasnet-clients Sat, 09 Dec 2023 13:27:24 +0100 <![CDATA[Ya disponible el Canal de Denuncias de Ebasnet]]>

Este mes entra en vigor la nueva ley que obliga a las empresas a disponer de un canal de denuncias en su página web. Nosotros te lo ponemos fácil. Hemos creado un nuevo módulo llamado Whistleblowing que te permitirá cumplir con esta nueva ley. ¿Estás preparado para dar un paso hacia una empresa más transparente y segura?

Que es Whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing es el nuevo módulo de Canal de Denuncias. Según la Ley 2/2023, las empresas que cuentan con un equipo de 50 o más personas o aquellas que se financian en parte o en su totalidad con fondos públicos están obligadas a adherirse a esta nueva ley.

Esta iniciativa responde a las exigencias establecidas por la Ley 2/2023, que adapta la Directiva 2019/1937 del Parlamento Europeo (UE). De todas formas, os recomendamos consultarlo con vuestra asesoría de confianza para saber si se aplica en el caso de vuestra empresa.

Este módulo está diseñado para cumplir con la legislación que combate las infracciones normativas y la corrupción. Regula la protección del denunciante, garantizando el anonimato de quien informa sobre una posible infracción.

Cómo funciona el Canal de Denuncias?

Ebasnet simplifica la integración de este nuevo módulo en tu página web para que puedas tener acceso a un Canal de Denuncias eficiente y práctico que cumpla con la legalidad.

¿Quieres incorporar el canal de denuncias a tu página web?

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<![CDATA[My Lists Module for Product Lists]]> The first step is to activate the "My Lists" module within the Ebasnet manager. 

Once activated, users can create their lists. Let us tell you step by step how to do it!
  1. Access or create an account on the ecommerce platform.
  2. Once inside the account, go to "My Account" and select "My Lists."


  1. Within "My Lists," create a new list to add the products you need.

In this section, you can customize different parameters of the list according to your needs. At the top, we have the name of the list and a small description (optional). Below the description, we have the URL, which can be personalized with a name for easier sharing.

In the default address section, you can enter the address where the user wants the products to be delivered.

Next, we can choose whether the list should be public or private. If it is private, only the creator can see it, and if it is public, anyone with the link can view it. 

Once at least one list is created, within the product details, we will find a button to add it to the desired list.
  1. Once we have created the list with the products, we can share it with other users by clicking the following button found within the list. 
 ****Remember that the list needs to be public for other users to view it.

How can users who have received the list make purchases?
  1. Users who receive the list can view all the items the creator has added, as well as the quantity of units remaining to be purchased.

Products from a list that are intended to be gifted should be added to the cart from within the list itself. If we access the product details and add it to the cart, the ecommerce platform will assume that you want to buy it for yourself and not through a list.

This allows users to add the products from the list as well as their own products to the same cart.

  1. Finally, during the checkout process, users can choose how they want the products to be shipped, either directly to the list creator's address or to their own address.

Do you need more information about product lists?



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<![CDATA[1 Click payment]]> Ready to streamline the purchase process of your ecommerce? A new functionality has arrived for Ebasnet online stores: 1 Click payment!

The new Ebasnet update has incorporated a function that allows you to save the payment details of customers who have purchased at least once in your online store. In this way, the next time they place an order they will not have to re-enter their bank details. If the user uses several cards for his purchases, these are stored in a folder, so that in future purchases he can choose which one to make the payment with.

What benefits does 1 Click Payment provide?

Save users time in the purchase process.

Eliminate a phase in the purchase process, this can increase the conversion radius of your online store.

It is a 100% secure payment method for users. The user's bank details are not stored by Ebasnet, but by the bank where the virtual POS is configured.

Do you want to incorporate 1-Click payment in your ecommerce?
Contact us and we will help you!


I want 1 Click payment


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<![CDATA[Widget templates]]> Ebasnet has incorporated a functionality in the manager that speeds up the creation of sections and improves the internal organization of the content. It is a new column called "widget templates" where you can save custom widgets, to use them in different sections of the web. We tell you how it works!
  1. Create a new widget and customize it with the parameters you want. You can also use a widget that you already have customized.

  2. Add it to the widget template column that you will find under the available widgets column in any section of the web where widgets can be used.

  3. Once added to this column, the widget will be duplicated keeping all parameters the same.

  4. Drag the widget from the widget template column to where you want this widget to appear.

Here we show you an example:

This functionality is very useful for saving widgets that are used in different sections of the web. It should be noted that if the content is changed in one of the widgets of the template, it will not change in all the sections where it has already been added.

What is the difference between the Available Widgets column and Widget Templates?

The available widgets column is used to store widgets, and once the uses disappear from the column. However, in the Widget Templates column they can be used multiple times.

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<![CDATA[What mandatory legal texts should a website or online store have?]]> Every web project, whether it is a corporate website or an online store, has to comply with certain legal regulations, we call this information "legal texts", and these will depend on the type of web project and its services.

It is very important that these legal texts be drawn up for us by a company specialized in the matter, since failure to comply with the established minimum requirements may result in sanctions.

These companies, agencies or specialized consultancies will advise us on mandatory compliance issues such as:
  • Data Protection
  • LOPD
  • GDPR
  • LSSI
  • etc...

The minimum legal texts that our web project must have are:
  • Legal advice.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Cookies policy.

If our web project also offers online sales services or contracting services, we should also add the following:
  • Purchase conditions.
  • Terms of use.
  • Right of withdrawal - returns.
  • Contract conditions.

It is important to add the section on Online Dispute Resolution in consumer matters in accordance with Art. 14.1 of Regulation (EU) 524/2013, which we usually find in the text of purchase conditions, with a link to the EU platform http: //ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

We can also add other recommended informative legal texts such as:
  • Payment methods available.
  • Shipping methods available.
  • Payment of orders in store (if this option of payment in physical store is valued).
  • Collection of orders in store (if this option of collection in a physical store is valued).

We strongly recommend that the owners of any web project have these texts regularly reviewed and updated, to adapt them to current and new regulations, thus avoiding possible surprises.

This information is merely informative and as a reminder to any owner of a web project, contact your company specialized in this matter to confirm which legal texts you must incorporate into your web project.
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