Ebasnet Clients https://ebasnet.com/en/b/ebasnet-clients/rss/2-ebasnet-clients Wed, 23 Oct 2019 05:07:36 +0200 <![CDATA[LOADBEE]]> Ebasnet system has incorporated a new functionality for online shops called Loadbee. The objective of this new module is to improve the product cards, providing supplementary information to the customer.  

This platform has a database with information of specific products of different brands. Retailers who sell one of the products that Loadbee has in his database, can hire the service and obtain additional information to add to the product description. This will be placed under the description posted by webmasters. As you can see in this picture: 

In order to use Loadbee, you need to contract the service and then set it up. Once you have configured it, you will receive an Api key from Loadbee. That key is the code that you will have to introduce in the corresponding module in your web with Ebasnet. 

The Loadbee system uses the EAN code of the products of our ecommerce in order to link it with the information corresponding to its database. This synchronization process is carried out automatically and transparently for users and administrators of the online store with Ebasnet.  

This service allows to improve the content of the webpage and the information of the products of our online catalogue, making our customers more informed and also making purchasing decisions easier. 

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<![CDATA[Crediya]]> Ebasnet has added a new module that allows customers of ecommerce finance their orders in the installments they want. 

This new functionality called Crediya belongs to Santander Bank. Ebasnet already has a similar system called Paga + tarde, which does not depend on any bank and allow customers pay in different installments. This service can be enabled from the module section of Ebasnet system. 

Crediya is the easiest and safest way to finance the online purchases because the customer choose the number of fees depending on the amount he is willing to pay in each one of them. Finally, some interests are applied to the final price of the product. 

To be able to enjoy this service in your online store, you need to become a Santander bank customer because this will be the entity that will manage the payment. 

This new form of financing allows each client to pay considering their needs, making their shopping experience easier. 

Online stores can incorporate Crediya from the module section of Ebasnet system. 
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<![CDATA[Quick order]]> Quick order is a new function that Ebasnet has incorporated. This feature speeds up the customer buying process, because it allows you to buy directly by reference without having to search the products in the general catalogue.  
Enabling this option, the customer will only have to put the reference number of the product and the amount he wants. As you can see in this picture:  

Finally, the customer will only have to add it to the shopping basket and make the payment of the order. 

Quick order is an option that is added by default to online shops. To enable it, you only must link the feature and activate it. 

This new feature is designed for regular or professional customers, because they must know the references of the products to place an order. This is a direct and quick way to shop online, so we make easier the shopping process of customers. 
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<![CDATA[Video loop for carousels]]> A new function has been added to the Ebasnet system. This one consists of an option called Loop, that allows videos from carousel to be continuously reproducing or to reproduce only one time. 

To activate this option, you must go to “carousels”, once there you must add a new slide and then change the mode into video. Just like the following image: 

Then, you will see a second option called “video loop”.

If the option is enabled, the video on the carousel will be continually playing. However, if the loop option is disabled, the video will be reproduced only one time when you open the web page. 

This new functionality improves the presentation of the webpage according to the customer needs. 

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<![CDATA[How to configure the sending of emails from our website or online store?]]>
Our website or online store generates emails automatically, whether they are emails generated when a client completes a form and the web sends us a copy of the completed form, or in the case of online stores, for sending completed orders, customer registration, Status changes or invoice shipments.

For all these cases and some more, it is essential that we configure, in our web management panel, an email account, either from our domain, or others such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Outlook, ...

What information do I need to set up an email account on my website?

The data that we will need is the same that we use to set up an email account on any email device or client, specifically the data is:
  • Email account
  • User (usually the same email account).
  • Password.
  • Host SMTP Server (outgoing server).
  • SMTP Host Port (the most common are ports 25, 587 or 465).
  • Type of encrypted SMTP Host connection (none, SSL / TLS or STARTTLS)
All this information can be provided by our mail service provider of our domain.

Where do I set up my email account on my website or online store?

We access our Management Panel (CMS) through our username and password to the following section:
  • Parameters> Web Parameters> “Email” tab.
We enter all the data, save the changes and finally click on the "Test connection" button. If everything is correct, our website will send a “Test” email and if the submission is correct it will show us the following message:
“The SMTP server configuration is correct”

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR ONLINE STORES: in the cases that our website is also an online store, we must repeat these steps in the section of our Web Manager:
  • Parameters> Store Parameters> "Email" tab.
In Ebasnet online stores, we can use another email account, if necessary, to send emails from customer records and orders, and even determine different email accounts so that customer orders or records are sent to different accounts email for your best internal company management.

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